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Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number – PlayStationVita

The final act of the game is centered on the Son, who is trying to reclaim his father’s empire from Colombian gangsters who filled the power vacuum the old boss’ death left. Pardo also appears, having a nightmare showing himself to be the “Miami Mutilator”, a serial killer he has supposedly been hunting, before being killed by his fellow officers. Fearful of his colleagues catching on to his crimes, Pardo boards himself up in his house. After the Son eliminates the Colombians, he invites his old henchman to visit their new hideout, inadvertently giving away his location to the Fans and triggering the attack depicted earlier. Under the hallucinatory influence of his own designer drugs he goes on a rampage, killing the superhuman monsters he sees the Fans as, then walking off the hideout’s roof on a rainbow bridge to his apparent death.

An epilogue shows Richter, reunited with his mother, hearing on the news that the American and Soviet presidents were both assassinated in an attempted coup d’état, with the prime suspect being an American general. The Soviet Union declares this an act of war, and all the surviving characters are killed in nuclear strikes, ending with the imprisoned Jacket.

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