Ratchet and Clank Remastered – PS3

The story begins with a prisoner named Helix Shiv be escorted to his cell shared with Captain Qwark. As a big fan of Qwark, it is interesting to hear Qwark side of the story he tells in his typical, over-the-top flair.
It starts with Ratchet on Veldin trying to sneak out of the garage Grim, place of work and residence, to go to the Galactic Ranger trials. Grim leaves from having started repairs on a ship and when he got the physical portions of the tests, check its background causes it to be refused by Qwark Cora and Brax and rangers. Meanwhile, in a factory on Quartu, Chairman Drek, the head of the Blarg Race is about to start an intergalactic war, visiting a version of flesh Dr. Nefarious, asked whether his project is ready for deployment. At the same time, a fault Warbot Drek is created and sent his general Warbot Victor Von Ion after him to destroy it. Failure escapes into a planetary rescue capsule, but the damage Victor pod, causing it to go off course. The crashlands pod on Veldin, which is observed by Ratchet. It will investigate and discovers the default save before the explosion of the car. Failure explains that he has to go to Kerwan to warn the Galactic Rangers an attack by Drek is imminent. Ratchet offer assistance, accept that failure. He then names Clank robot and repairs it to the garage.
The duo take the repaired boat and flies to Kerwan, but are attacked by the forces Blarg Novalis. They Crashland and discover that Blarg attack the planet. They save the head of Novalis, which informs his nephew Skid McMarx is in trouble on Aridia, and the plumber, who has a Master Plan infobot Drek he needs to go to the Rangers. It helps the duo repair their ship and told them to get the infobot to Qwark. They arrive on Kerwan to find the city of Metropolis under attack. Using an experimental tractor beam, the duo launched warbots in their command ship, stop the invasion. They arrive and are swarmed by happy citizens and journalists, with Qwark take all their questions and try to horde in their glory. When he discovers that the hero was Ratchet, which he was denied entry to the Rangers on Veldin he accepts reluctantly in their ranks. Blarg mercenaries left over the attack destroy the ship Ratchet, Clank and forcing him to jump to safety, which separates the Rangers.
They meet Big Al, who has a crush on Cora, which installs Clank with a Heli-Pack after Cora asked him to help. They come across a train loaded with explosives heading to the seat Galactic Ranger: the Hall of Heroes. Ratchet and Clank off this part of the train, causing it to explode safely away from all buildings. After that, they are accepted into the Galactic Rangers, with Ratchet get a new suit of armor and a new ship. After training, Qwark sends them on a secret mission called “Operation: Falling Star ‘, a raid on a Blarg research station. However, as more and more jealous of the rapid heroism of Ratchet, he declairs this top-secret “and for them not to tell anyone.

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