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Then we had a lucky break. Our older games — the Penumbra series — went on sale, and against all expectations we got an injection of cash. We worked out that if everyone cut their salaries in half, we could go on for another 12 months — enough time to finish a game. The trouble was that our work-in-progress game just wasn’t very good. But the recent sale had almost doubled our fan base, and everyone praised the horror aspects of our past titles. It seemed that we knew how to scare people — and more importantly, it was something people wanted more of. Our goal became to make the most frightening game we possibly could.
Now we had a clear aim: to scare the player senseless. We took the assets, gameplay, and story we already had and scrapped everything that didn’t help us achieve that goal. Using all we learned from our previous games, we tried to come up with the most terror-filled design imaginable. For example, we emphasized vulnerability by removing the ability to fight back, and we gave the protagonist a phobia of the most common aspect of the game: darkness. We did our utmost to place the player in a hostile and oppressive world.
Just over a year later, Amnesia: The Dark Descent was ready to be unleashed upon the world.
We had a pretty good reception right from the start, many calling it one of the scariest games ever. Things didn’t stop there, though. Thanks to word of mouth, and the timely expansion of the community of Let’s Players, the buzz around the game just kept growing. For a couple of months, we saw something Amnesia-related on the front page of Reddit just about every week. The amount of attention we got was truly astounding, and really gratifying for a small company.

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